Audi cars

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Audi cars

Audi’s are phenomenal, I have owned several Audi’s and each one has been great. I have never owned a beauty, just an A1 and an A4 and the build quality of both cars is amazing. The latest Audi’s are beautiful

vw camper

The VW camper van Type 2 is so iconic. It is credited to Ben Pon, a dutch importer. He visited Wolfsburg in 1946 and he wanted to buy Type 1’s and import them back home and he noticed a vehicle there and thought that was much better and he drew what he thought would be cool and work using the existing frame.

His designs could not be accommodate initially as they were full on with the Type 1 but a few months later and the new Type 29 was produced and there you are – boom.

An icon was developed and the rest is history.

VW have many more great cars but I had to start with the Camper van.

Another YouTube video, this time of VW Campers on the way to Brighton



Volkswagen cars