Enzo Ferrari

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Enzo Ferrari died in 1988 after living until he was 90 years old. He was world famous for motor racing and extremely fast cars that were and are beautiful. Potentially the most famous name or one of them in car manufacturing in the world. He was a business man and car driver. He started the motor racing team he named Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix. It went on to become easily in history the most successful F1 team. And he designed and put up his factory to create his beautiful cars.

He was from Modena and loved very fast cars and racing them. During World War 1, he was in the Italian army. FIAT was his first job he tried for after the war but failed. In 1919 he started racing and was employed by CMN who were a car company that was much smaller than FIAT.

During the 1920’s he was a successful driver in his races and he was part of Alfa Romeo and looked after a large team for the company in his role in development and supervising the drivers. In 1947 he set his own company up and left Alfa Romeo. And quickly created a car to challenge the 1950 F1 World Championship.

But he had to wait until 1951 for his first win and it was in the British Grand Prix and quickly followed in 1953 with a championship win. And interestingly he only started making the Ferrari’s we know and love in order to pay for his racing in the various Grand Prix & Le Mans.

He ran the company until 1971, when he moved away. Fittingly he died in Modena, the place of his birth.

And as i mentioned at the beginning, his name is one or possibly the most famous in motor racing.



 Enzo Ferrari

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